Yūyam Vayam

Yūyam Vayam Vayam Yūyam

by Bhartṛhari, one of Sanskrit’s great poets

Bhartṛhari was said to be a poet-king who lived sometime after the 1st century. He is famous for his three Shatakas (collections of 100 verses) on Shngāra (Romance), Niti (Politics) and Vairāgya (Renunciation).

Of all his verses, this is perhaps the simplest and most playful. Appearing in the middle of Vairāgya-Shatakam, it raises a simple but profound question regarding the division we struggle with in our lives and in our world.

This verse is used to teach personal pronouns in a playful way in lesson 5 of our home study course, Sanskrit by CD. It plays on the pronouns yūyam - you plural, and vayam - we, which in Sanskrit can be used to represent singular - I, as well.

Yūyam vayam could thus be translated you-we as in political parties or the you-I / I-you of a personal relationship.

Pronunciation Tips to increase your enjoyment
t d
and n are dental sounds with tip of tongue touching back of upper teeth
dh is pronounced dental as described but with added breath

Each segment is repeated twice: 1st Listen - 2nd Repeat

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