Yoga Sutra Workshops

"The Certainty of Freedom" — Patanjali's Yoga Sutras gives us the definitive description of Yoga. It offers us a precise inner mapping of the essential truths for strengthening awareness and being free from self-imposed obstacles. It is a crystal clear model of living consciously in the present, being sure of our path and our choices.

This workshop explores the beginning section the Yoga Sutras. It is a participatory workshop and the sutras are taught in the original Sanskrit. Here, learning the essential teachings of yoga is a yoga in and of itself.

You will learn an easy method for correct Sanskrit pronunciation. A supportive environment generates discussion through a spirit of enquiry, energized by the chanting of Sanskrit and meditation. This course starts an ongoing detailed study of the Yoga Sutras from the beginning.

"Patanjali's Great Meditation on The Elements & Senses" — The human body is the masterpiece of evolution and was long ago recognized by sages as a sufficient instrument for self-realization. According to Patanjali, the application of yoga's ultimate tool sanyama (deeply experiencing the body's five elements, from their external qualities to their atomic structure) results in kaya-sampat(perfecting the body as an vehicle for the journey of consciousness). When a similar practice is applied to the senses — the mind becomes freed.

Like a flowing series of asanas, this meditation fills in all the gaps and defines a natural progression of consciousness from matter to energy, congestion to clarity. It greatly strengthens the steadiness, ease and stillness of the meditative posture, while the body is dicovered as the perfect lab where all can be seen and known. The practice is a comprehensive application of all the essentials of the Yoga Sutra cosmology. see: Sanyama Meditation


Knowledge of Sanskrit makes it possible to grasp the subtleties of yoga, the teachings of which are predominantly written in Sanskrit. Since ancient times the practice of yoga has included the study of Sanskrit and the chanting of Sanskrit mantras to induce calm and clarity in meditation.

Please read Sanskrit and the Yoga Sutras, an article by Vyaas Houston, for more information on the intimate relation between Sanskrit and Yoga.