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Our original guarantee from 25 years ago remains the same today

Our original guarantee from 25 years ago remains the same today

The first step in learning Sanskrit is to develop an intimacy with its sounds; become familiar with their exact location, feeling their force and power, and the unique way they vibrate the palate and engage the breath. Above all, enjoying sound is at the heart of our program.

The 14 hour Sanskrit Training is an educational adventure that will give you a permanent connection to the beauty and energy of Sanskrit as well as a dynamic model of yoga in the classroom that supports a natural and effortless focus.

By the end of a weekend you'll be reading Sanskrit in its original Devanagari script, savoring precise pronunciation and gaining access to the ancient wisdom of yoga encoded in this sacred language.

"The American Sanskrit Institute has presented a new way to teach and offers students a new way to learn. Using yoga itself at the heart of the method, in every aspect, from the simple act of listening, to how to articulate the sounds of this profoundly spiritual language, the ASI courses make learning fun and effective. I recommend this training to anyone interested in any aspect of yoga or other spirituality or to anyone who teaches anything!"
~ Chuck Miller, Senior Ashtanga Yoga teacher

"In my twenty five years of experience as a professional educator no single experience has touched me as deeply as the learning that is generated in Vyaas Houston's Sanskrit Intensive. While the profound wisdom and spiritual insight that comes through the language of Sanskrit is the treasure that it is, Vyaas has developed a methodology that frees me to live in my life even more fully as a learner. Educators have pleaded for support in bringing the essence of yogic awareness into their classrooms. I have found no technology as effective as what he uses in his trainings. I have found no technology more readily applicable to a broader spectrum of educational settings than what he delivers."
~ Don Stapleton, Ph.D., Director of Kripalu Programs Development