Sanyama Meditation

The pathway which Patanjali features most prominently in the Yoga Sutras as the preparation for the final phase of Ishvara-pranidhana are the Bhuta-jaya - mastery of the elements i.e. the body and the Indriya-Jaya - mastery of the senses. These are the last of many sanyamas comprising the primary practices of yoga and the larger part of the third book or Vibhuti Pada.

Our courses provide a grounding in direct knowledge of the Sutras applied to a practice modelled on Patanjali’s perspective. One begins within the body itself consisting of skeleton, tissue, water, air and space. Through single pointed focus effortlessly created by detailed description of their prominent characteristics, svarupa, the elements become doorways to a progressively subtler experience.

"Gradually, I am seeing an awakening in the circles I work with to the importance of Sanskrit in deepened yoga practice. You've been very far ahead of the curve, but it may catch up to you in your time."
Salvatore Zambito - The Yoga Sutras Institute, author of  The Unadorned Thread of Yoga: The Yoga-sutra of Patanjali

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