Our Learning Model

The reason the ASI learning model has worked so well and consistently for more than 25 years is its solid foundation in abhyasa and vairagya. Patanjali makes it clear right from the start of his Yoga Sutras that these are the means by which yoga is achieved. Even hundreds of years earlier in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna reassures his agitated disciple: "No doubt, Arjuna, an active mind is hard to control, but by abhyasa and vairagya, son of Kunti, it is held steady."

Relying on these principles whenever we teach, we always expect excellent results. Both teacher and student remain focused throughout the course, because we set up agreements based on the effort to hold a designated point of focus (abhyasa) and the acknowledgment and letting go (vairagya) of extraneous motives and distractions.

Like countless others we’ve rediscovered the ancient model of yoga to be a simple structure of language that gives human beings a secure foundation for experience beyond the realm of what we know. In its application to learning Sanskrit, it prepares students and then gives them ever deepening practice of yoga. Approaching the learning of Sanskrit as yoga not only makes the language directly accessible – it strengthens the conviction that one has access to all phases of the application of yoga.

"In my twenty five years of experience as a professional educator, one value has guided my own self development. That is the value of creating opportunities to live in the reality of being a constant learner. No single experience has touched me as deeply as the learning that is generated in Vyaas Houston's Sanskrit Intensive. While the profound wisdom and spiritual insight that comes through the language of Sanskrit is the treasure that it is, Vyaas has developed a methodology that frees me to live in my life even more fully as a learner. Educators have pleaded for support in bringing the essence of yogic awareness into their classrooms. I have found no technology as effective as what he uses in his trainings. I have found no technology more readily applicable to a broader spectrum of educational settings than what he delivers."

~ Don Stapleton, Ph.D., Director of Kripalu Programs Development