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Sanskrit by CD, developed by Vyaas Houston, M.A., Founder of ASI, is our basic program for learning Sanskrit. The lessons offer an introduction to the language through detailed easy-to-follow explanation of the alphabet and Sanskrit pronunciation clarified by illustrations of precise tongue placement. Beginning with the alphabet, the patterns of the Sanskrit language are deeply imprinted in the memory by simple chanting combined with beautiful graphics.

With a strong foundation in the alphabet (Lesson 1), the remaining 11 lessons flow organically, strengthening pronunciation while developing understanding and intuitive skill in the harmonic blending of sounds (sandhi), building vocabulary while enjoying the natural rhythms of noun and verb forms. Once the basics are covered, each lesson utilizes examples from the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita to demonstrate elements from the lessons.

Sanskrit by CD is designed to teach first those forms most common to Sanskrit literature. Clear explanations punctuated by inspiring color graphics reveal the beautiful logic and symmetry of Sanskrit where it is most easily grasped - in the palate. The course includes ample oral drills and written exercises. Supported by the Sanskrit Atlas 1.0 for reference, and the supplemental Atlas Courses, our program provides a direct pathway to reading, chanting and understanding ancient Sanskrit literature in the original.

  • 16 CDs

  • 330 pages (8-1/2" x 11") with large type — completely cross-referenced to the Sanskrit Atlas 1.0

  • New silk-screened midnight blue linen binder for Text with color-coded indexes.

  • 30 full-page illustrations of mouth positions, essential for learning proper Sanskrit pronunciation

  • 70 pages of color-coded diagrams showing the symmetry of the language

  • Instructive exercises with answer keys that help you to master the material

  • Teaches the forms most essential to Sanskrit literature, in order of frequency of usage

  • Telephone and/or email consultation to provide support when you need it

Sanskrit By CD
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