Sanyama Meditation, Sanskrit Chanting and Asana

Sanyama Meditation – Sanskrit Chanting - Asana

In this weekend training participants will discover the traditional yoga practices of India. We will begin with Sanyama Meditation and Yoga Sutras chanting and study followed by Ashtanga asana practice.

First, we will review and chant essential Yoga Sutras that outline the basics of the Sanyama practice as well as the Bhuta Jaya Sanyama. Then we will apply the Sutras in a guided meditation practice. This introduction to the Yoga Sutras and Sanyama Meditation is designed to provide a preliminary experience of the practices outlined by Patanjali. It is meant to be the starting point for understanding the deeper meaning and purpose of the Yoga Sutras.

The workshop will emphasize accommodating and working with different body types and developing modifications to suit the individual needs of students. Participants will use the traditional sequence of the Ashtanga Primary Series to apply the adjustments and modifications.

Participants also will examine elements of geometry and subtle anatomy corresponding to the sequence of asana poses, as well as traditional peace chants and pranayama that accompany the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

This is a three-pronged approach to the study of three aspects of Yoga practice: Sanyama Meditation – Sanskrit Chanting - Asana/Pranayama

Location: Ashtanga Green Bay

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November 1-3
Green Bay, WI
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Sanyama Meditation and Asana
Zoe Mai