Sanskrit Apprentice Teacher Training I

This Sanskrit teacher training apprenticeship will serve to develop a group of apprentices dedicated to their own ongoing study of the Sanskrit Language. Because the teaching of any subject flows from an individual teacher’s own course of study, ongoing study of the Sanskrit Language, Sanskrit texts and practices based on Yoga philosophy will be a central focus of ongoing training. Our vision is to create a growing community of students and teachers dedicated to the study of the Sanskrit Language and Sanskrit texts utilizing the practice of yoga embodied in the ASI Learning Model.

The initial training for the Apprenticeship will be offered in a two-week-long immersion format. Each day will begin with Yoga Sutras study and Sanyama Meditation practice and end with Gita chanting and study.

This initial teachers Immersion focuses on the delivery of the Learning Model; learning to teach the mouth positions and delivery of the alphabet along with vowel/consonant combinations. Everyone learns to teach Sanskrit Level 1 or Introduction to Sanskrit utilizing the structure developed by Vyaas Houston.

There is also an opportunity to learn and practice of calligraphy through an instructional DVD of Vyaas Houston teaching calligraphy strokes and the drawing of Devanagari characters.

Finally, the ongoing study for ASI teachers will include yearly week-long Sanskrit grammar and Sanyama practice intensives.

Minimum Prerequisite: ASI Sanskrit Level I

Contact Zoe Mai at for more information or to register.

August 3-16
Collingswood, NJ
Class Type: 
Teacher Training I
Zoe Mai