Panini Week Immersion

Panini's grammatical treatise The Ashtadhyayi “Eight Chapters”, where by an inconceivable feat of genius, the master had concentrated the correct forms of infinite potential words and grammatical relationships into just 4000 sutras. The standard which Panini, in approximately 500 B.C. and those who had come before him had set was absolute brevity. Not even a syllable was wasted by repetition where information gleaned from context could be connected even from remote chapters. What such a system of literature makes possible is knowledge of the whole, once the individual pieces are known and the connections between the parts linked up. In the case of Panini, what is known is grammar, the proper forms entailing the correct assembling of all the parts of each existing word and potentially, those which do not yet exist, all maintaining the exquisite harmony and purity of Sanskrit aesthetics in each and every word.

This immersion will begin with reviewing and chanting Panini's Shiva Sutras. The main body of the course will focus on one small section of the Ashtadhyayi and will feature Vyaas Houston's new Panini Atlas. The course has been designed by Vyaas Houston. It is meant to serve as a deep experience for students as we dive into the study of Panini as a practice of yoga. This course will also prepare those interested for the ongoing study of Sanskrit grammar through the study of the Ashtadhyayi utilizing the Panini Atlas.

Location:  Trishula Yoga

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Jul 30-Aug 4
Collingswood, NJ
Class Type: 
Panini Week Immersion
Zoe Mai