Essential Gītā - "Equanimity" Verse 1

Essential Gītā

Equanimity - Verse 1


One must lift oneself up by one’s self.

Not cause oneself to sink.

For one’s self is indeed one’s friend.

One’s self is indeed one’s foe.

                                   Bhagavad Gītā 6.5

Here’s a golden opportunity to discover the power of internalizing the potent truth of the Bhagavad Gita – have it always ready on the tip of your tongue. Each of these 3 verses is a gem of wisdom whose unique truth is magnified exponentially by the other two. Commit yourself to learning all three – one at a time.

Once you learn a verse by heart, it’s yours. You’re free to probe it’s deeper meaning, its immediate relevance to your life – past, present and future. Learning a verse by heart provides you with fluid stored inspiration that can be easily accessed.

Each verse is learned as a chant which then can be either sung or repeated internally. To take full advantage of a verse learned it has to be remembered with meaning that can be specifically applied to one’s choice to - in the case of these Gita verses - “maintain equanimity at all times.”

It’s helpful, but not absolutely necessary, to know Sanskrit. Either way it’s essential to associate meaning with each word. With each Learn-a-Verse, the English meaning is directly placed below the Sanskrit.

For those who have a Sanskrit Atlas, the coordinates that show the specific form of each word are also included here. Knowledge and recognition of the grammar refines focus and attention to detail, increases familiarity with words, and expands one’s capacity to learn more text with greater ease.

Pronunciation Tips to increase your enjoyment
t d
and n are dental sounds with tip of tongue touching back of upper teeth
dh is pronounced dental as described but with added breath

Each segment is repeated twice: 1st Listen - 2nd Repeat

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