Atlas Testimonials

"I bought your atlas a couple weeks ago and I first want to say it's a magnificent piece of work, and I can appreciate all the enormous amount of time and effort that went into it. I'm just very excited to finally have in my hands your atlas. It really is a work of art and an incredibly impressive presentation of this marvelous language. When I show the pages to my friends and students the typical response is wide-eyed amazement, even if they have no idea what Sanskrit is all about."
~ Richard Rosen, writer for Yoga Journal

"Regarding the Atlas,.. WOW!!!!! How beautiful! How cool! How amazing! But also, how useful!!! And, how much work!! Thank you so much Vyaas for doing this work. I thank you on behalf of lovers of Sanskrit everywhere."
~ Dharma Widmann, Sanskrit Instructor


Dear Vyaas,

I have been using your atlas and its subscriptions for the past year.

I am very pleased with my progress.  Your atlas presents an amazing amount of information in a clearly-organized and easily-accessible format. Almost every single aspect of Sanskrit grammar is illustrated with examples. Patterns within noun-declension and verb-conjugation tables are strikingly highlighted with color, making it easy even for a novice to follow.

However, to me the best part of the atlas subscriptions is your voice on the accompanying CDs.  You have a remarkable talent for articulating and enunciating the sounds of the Sanskrit language.  Whether you are chanting an esoteric verse from the Gita, or reciting a  series of verb-endings, the lyrical quality of your voice leaves it imprinted on my mind long after I have stopped listening to it. This transforms my own efforts at memorization to a thoroughly enjoyable activity. I often find myself humming or chanting verb endings, in imitation of your voice, while performing routine daily tasks.

During the past year, I have often called you with questions and doubts.  Each time you patiently answered all my questions. I will always be grateful to you for that.

Thanks for all your help.
Raj Kotaru
Hanover, Maryland


"It feels like, with both the Atlas and the monthly subscriptions, you are truly paving a path that allows students smooth and (dare I say?) easy entry into the deep ocean of Sanskrit. I am finding that the subscriptions, in conjunction with the Atlas, are making the process of learning Sanskrit not only exponentially richer but also a great deal more fun. I feel like I have learned more about the Yoga Sutras in the week I have been studying them with the Atlas than in the three years I have been studying them on my own."                        
~ Josh Michaell

"I just wanted to take a moment and express my deep gratitude for the work that you are doing. You have really elevated the process of learning Sanskrit to a whole new level. I have been here in Mysore for the past few months. Everyday I have been using and practicing with your Yoga Sutras series (Atlas). The clarity and the depth with which you have translated and broken down the Sutras is extraordinary. I feel blessed each and everytime I sit down to use your materials. I only wish that I was physically closer to where you are. I feel a great pang of longing every time I see one of your new courses listed."
~ Russell Yamaguchi

"WOW. What an amazing book you have created. I am really grateful to you for organizing it like that, and I think it's going to be a great contribution. I used to be a publisher, so I know how expensive small runs and original material like that are."
~ Jesse Arana
"I continue to be awed by the quality of your work. It is stunning, a masterpiece."
~ David Mallon