Ellen Cull

Ellen Cull
Ellen Cull discovered her love of Sanskrit while studying Tantric yoga theory.  She learned to recite the Pratyabhījñahridayam, or The Heart of Recognition, using a CD.  Over time, as her pronunciation got more refined, she felt the energy of the sounds themselves and the way in which that energy carried and revealed the meaning of the text.  She took the ASI Sanskrit Level I workshop with Zoe Mai in 2013 and was hooked, both by the Sanskrit itself and by the ASI teaching method, which made it possible for her to immerse herself in the pure joy of the language without fear or expectations.  Since then, she has completed the American Sanskrit Institute teaching apprentice program.  She now teaches weekend workshops and a regular study group.  She continues her study of Sanskrit with the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, the Bhagavad Gītā, and the Upanishads with Zoe and through Vyaas Houston’s Study at Home courses.  For Ellen, the study of Sanskrit is itself a form of spiritual practice, adding another dimension to practice of asana, meditation, mantra repetition, and study of yoga theory.  She has her own consulting practice in organization development and group facilitation to federal government agencies and non-profit organizations.



Upcoming Classes

Dates Location Class Type Instructor
October 8-9 Rishikesh, India Sanskrit Level I Jenny Tumas Details
October 12-13 Marlton, NJ Sanskrit Level I Linda Lamond Details
October 12-13 Wenonah, NJ Sanskrit Level I Robin Debreceni Details
October 14-15 Washington DC Sanskrit Level I Ellen Cull Details
October 18-20 Miami, FL Sanskrit Level I Sarah Lafleur Details
October 26-27 Stirling, NJ Sanskrit Level I Zoe Mai Details
November 1-3 Green Bay, WI Sanyama Meditation and Asana Zoe Mai Details
November 8-10 Kennett Square, PA The Seeds of Yoga Zoe Mai Details
November 16-17 Mission, KS Sanskrit Level I Zoe Mai Details
January 11-12 Kennett Square, PA Sanskrit Level I Lexa Chernin Details
January 25-26 Washington DC Panini Immersion Zoe Mai Details
March 6-8 New Orleans, LA Sanskrit Level I Sarah LaFleur Details
March 16-21 Collingswood, NJ Panini Immersion Zoe Mai Details
April 10-11 Burlington, VT Sanskrit Level I Sarah LaFleur Details
April 17-19 Kennett Square, PA Sanskrit Level II Lexa Chernin Details
August 3-16 Collingswood, NJ Teacher Training I Zoe Mai Details
Ongoing Washington, DC Study Group Ellen Cull Details
Ongoing Collingswood, NJ Private Sanskrit Study Zoe Mai Details
Ongoing Collingswood, NJ Weekly Sanskrit Class Zoe Mai Details
Ongoing Collingswood, NJ Sanyama Meditation Zoe Mai Details
Ongoing Online Study Group Rick Roberts Details
Ongoing Online Online Studies Zoe Mai, Director Details