Tat Tvam Asi: The Awesome Logic of Sanskrit Grammar

Journey through the ingenious processes laid out by the consummate grammarian Panini, whose Ashtadhyayi still stands after 2500 years as one of the great accomplishments of the human mind. Studying Panini awakens the natural light or sattva of the mind, moving your Sanskrit skills ahead in leaps and bounds.

We will take a deep look at Sanskrit's beautiful pronouns - he, she, that, you and I - and the brilliant way in which Panini describes their derivation. Course materials are in devanagari script.

At the Divine Compassion Spirituality Center, on a peaceful campus a half mile from the heart of bustling, pedestrian-friendly White Plains, New York, convenient to New York airports and commuter train. Class runs from 8:45 am to 4 pm daily with a break for lunch.

Tuition $675 with $50 discount for cash or check. Commuter option adds $20/day including lunch every day. Residential option (modest private room) adds $475 for the week (six nights) and includes three meals a day. Yes, we can mix and match - contact Jo for details. Please make arrangements by December 15.

January 3-9
White Plains, NY
Class Type: 
Panini Master Class
Jo Brill