Moritz Ulrich

Moritz Ulrich
Moritz Ulrich started his journey into the world of sound as a child. Playing the piano, singing in a choir and later going to a music high school. He is an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and part of the international faculty for their teacher trainings. He especially loves exploring the beauty of Sanskrit through sound. As everything in this world is made up of vibration, it is the key to understand the universe within and without. Moritz serves ASI as a teacher since 2018 and continues his private studies with Zoe Mai.

Upcoming Classes

Dates Location Class Type Instructor
November 17-18 Collingswood, NJ Sanskrit Level I Erik Marrero Details
December 7-9 Washington, DC The Seeds of Yoga; Mantra and Meditation Zoe Mai Details
January 12-13 Kennett Square, PA Sanskrit Level I Lexa Chernin Details
January 18-20 Stavanger, Norway Sanskrit Level I Moritz Ulrich Details
January 26-27 Medford, NJ Sanskrit Level I Sarah LaFleur Details
February 16-17 Mission, KS Sanskrit Level I Zoe Mai Details
February 16-18 Santa Barbara, CA Sanskrit Level I Kamala Knowlton Details
April 13-14 Vero Beach, FL Sanskrit Level I Erik Marrero Details
April 22-28 Santa Fe, NM Advanced Teacher Training Zoe Mai Details
Ongoing Collingswood, NJ Private Sanskrit Study Zoe Mai Details
Ongoing Collingswood, NJ Weekly Sanskrit Class Zoe Mai Details
Ongoing Washington, DC Study Group Ellen Cull Details
Ongoing Collingswood, NJ Sanyama Meditation Zoe Mai Details
Ongoing Online Study Group Rick Roberts Details
Ongoing Online Online Studies Zoe Mai, Director Details